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Driver Shot In Unusual Road Rage Case

Man Allegedly Wounds Driver Who Dragged Him After Speeding Down His Street

ERLANGER, Ky. -- A speeding car threatens people on a residential street. A husband and wife confront the driver. The driver drags the man with his car, and the man shoots the driver.Police said that's what happened, and there's more to the story, News 5's Brian Hamrick reported.
The driver, 21-year-old Kyle Houp, allegedly raced down Tulip Tree Lane Sunday night at more than 80 mph, hitting trash cans, doing burnouts and threatening people, Hamrick reported
Video: Watch Brian Hamrick's Report
Bruce Crawford, 36, is accused of shooting Houp after he and his wife, Kathy Crawford, chased the car on foot and argued with the driver. Bruce Crawford reached into the passenger window, and Houp hit the gas and dragged Crawford, Hamrick reported. While being dragged, Crawford allegedly fired four shots. One went through Houp's neck, and another hit him in the shoulder."He came down here flying, going at least 90 to 100 (mph)," said a resident, Tracey Spille. "We all yelled, 'Slow down, the kids are out.' Then I heard, 'Boom, boom, boom, boom,' and I knew it was gunshots."
Court documents show Bruce and Kathy Crawford have violent histories, Hamrick reported. And the same man who was angry at Houp for allegedly reckless driving has no less than 20 traffic violations of his own.Bruce Crawford's ex-wife, Julie Burks, said she witnessed her husband pull out a gun in a similar incident with a speeder. She also said Crawford beat her."He broke my ribs. He kicked me in the stomach when I was pregnant. He broke my nose," Burks said.Spille showed News 5 documents that showed Kathy Crawford attacked her last year."She grabbed me in a headlock and started punching me in the face and chest. I had chest trauma," Spille said.Bruce Crawford was arrested after Sunday night's incident and charged with assault, police said. He was taken to the Kenton County Detention Center.Houp drove himself to St. Luke West Hospital. AirCare then flew him to University Hospital, police said.Houp's mother told News 5 he is alert and talking, Hamrick reported.
There is road raga and there is this
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