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graphics and sound perfect.
but presents the following problems.
black screen when in director or replay mode.- solution- dont try to use it.
freeze when you restart the game. solution- exit of game and start again.

oh man the game is big slow in my machine so I would like know if a GEFORCE2 GTS does the Full Vram primitives at 60 FPS in this game.? for I want to see the lensflare of sun above the car. other thing is the graphic is very pixilated in the playstation version! I want know if exist some gfxplugin that supports FSAA for this game.

pentium III 600MHZ SE,
256mb Ram pc 100
2xHD primary controller IDE one 2gb and other 3.2gb.
TNT2M64, in 2x mode AGP
MotherBoard- Soyo k7vba
SoundBlaster Awe 64
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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