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Driver 2

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GTA Style, one of the best game for PSX

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probably crappy, just like on PSX :p

this game is 10x better if you turn off frame limiting though.
yeah that was a pretty useless comment >_>

and in any case, Driver2 runs poorly on the PSX itself, so to emulate it perfectly is to also make it run poorly :p
well if you ignore the fact that the game ran slow as hell ALL the time (and even slower when there was action)...the on foot controls are atrocious, the graphics are horrible compared to Driver, and the map design sucks--they discovered curved roads, and decided everywhere needed to have these huuuuuuuge curves.
first driving games of its kind....? that doesnt mean it doesn't play slow as sin! after you've been holding the throttle for 10 minutes in a straight line it still feels like you're going 30 miles per hour!!

not to mention there was Driver which came before it, which had infinitely better graphics, controls, and framerate.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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