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Dont know if anyones had problems getting this running -
i read it was unplayable, but after much messing about
I come up with some workarounds that worked for me
and so I thought other keen Drivers might wanna try ;)

First off I ain't no expert - just been using epsxe and fpse
a few weeks - so maybe this is old news or theres a better
way to do this. After all I'm an emu-newbie so if it dont
work it dont work, and feel free to flame me to bits :p

BTW this is for PAL version - maybe the same for NTSC?

My setup:

win me
athlon 1000
128 MB RAM


Pete's D3D Driver 1.53
Andy's SPU Audio Driver 0.15
Barrett-Kazzuya CDR Driver 1.1

scph7502 BIOS

The biggest problem i found is that menus dont get
drawn right so you cant see what you are doing
when in any of the menus.

So to see what the menus really look like you use
Petes Soft GPU and memorize how to save/load
games and configs etc. coz you will need to do this
half in the dark (yes this is gonna be a pain :p )

Then to play, use Petes D3D (or Open GL if it works for you)
and set for fastest speed you can get. But to see the menus
you need to set VRAM primitives ON and offscreen drawing
to EXTENDED. But even then you may not see everything.
Then when you have finished loading/saving switch VRAM
off and offscreen drawing to either OFF or STANDARD
(that will draw shadows proper when on foot) The game
will be really slow if you dont switch VRAM off.

The easiest way to change these settings in-game is by
pressing Delete and using Page Up/Down to select Od and
Fv and using End/Home to set them.
Press Insert to get help/description on settings.

Dont forget to change them when exiting from a game
to main menu or you will either get garbage or totally lost
in the dark :eyes:

Other GPU settings i used are:

800x600 fulllscreen 16 or 32 Bit (16 seems to draw your pos
on the map a little off true position, but should be faster)
R4 G4 B4 A4 texture quality
Dynamic caching
No advanced blending (didnt notice much difference anyway)
Framebuffer textures 1, Black
Unfiltered Framebuffer updates ON

I guess that these tricks work with the OpenGL GPU too
but I havent checked on that coz I always have problems
with that on my sys even though its recommended for
TNT 2. Oh well.

The gameplay is pretty good for day missions but can get
*very* slow at night esp if its raining - even with 1000 mhz
cpu the frame rate drops to <30.
What the game would be like with slower cpu I've no idea
maybe completely unplayable, but if you're a Driver freak like
me I would say try it out.
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