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I was out in town saturday and went in toys r us to get a n64 controller for use with pj64 and they've got dreamcasts with controller/mem card/keyboard/steering wheel/and 4 games (metro street racer/jet set radio and a couple of others) for £99.
I was tempted to get 1 as the games are so cheap and I've a work mate whos got plenty of games I could borrow.
He says its really great console but I've never played on it before so anyone got any views on the GAMES on this system?
I like mainly racing games and GOOD 3d fighters (like tekken not toshiden) and the odd rpg (more zelda style than ff style).
Would this console provide me with the types of games I like.
I've seen dead or alive on it and that looked great as did that metro racer and shenmue but looks aint every thing...

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The console's pretty much dead. I don't think anyone's developing for it anymore. The only good fighting games I know for that system is Tekken Tag Tournament and I don't know any RPGs for it. As for racing games I think they're all on the Sony platforms.

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I have a Dreamcast and its a fairly good system. It has a pretty good selection of games considering its short lifespan. But unfortunately, not nearly enough RPGs.

Anyways here are some games I think you might like

3D Fighting - DOA2, Soul Calibur, Virtua Fighter 3TB
RPGs - Skies of Arcadia, Grandia II, PSO, Shenmue and Shenmue II coming soon.
Action/Adv - Rayman 2, Sonic Adv 1 + 2,
Racing - TXR2, Ferrari 355, Metropolis Street Racer

Dreamcast has a lot of Sega and Capcom arcade ports, plenty of survival horror, and a load of racing games (though most are not that great) There are also those niche games such as Jet Grind Radio and Space Channel 5. If you can get more controllers the DC also offers a lot of multiplayer FPS and sports games. Don't forget about the 2K2 sports series coming out.

There are a ton of good DC games out there, but nothing has really caught my attention as a MUST PLAY game. Still I have little complaints, and I love playing with 4 people. There's the added bonus of being able to play your (LEGALLY OWNED) backups but that's as far as I'll delve into that topic.

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hey just because you're off topic doesnt mean you cant talk about emulators...
so dont forget bleemcast! GT2 is simply great. and Tekken 3 and MGS seem pretty cool too... hey Demigod79, that's the someone still developing for the DC :)

and about the capcom ports... DC is still the only way to play Marvel VS Capcom 1 and 2, Street Fighter 3, Capcom VS SNK, and so on, without going to the arcades.
(yeah yeah Marvel VS Capcom has a Playstation version... but without the tag team feature it's just not quite the same game)

racing... hmm, there arent many. Ferrari 355 Challenge (as mentioned) is exclusive on DC i believe. 4x4 Evo is great too, tho there are PC and PS2 versions.

Ok, so i sound like i own a DC, but I dont... my friend has one and i'm in the same dilema... i'd say this: think of it as good for the next year or so, because by then the next generation (PS2, GC, XBox) will have matured a little, and the DC will have completely disappeared from the scene.
so it depends how much you'll play the DC before that happens.

ps: There is also the possiblility that a more compatible PSX emulator will appear on the DC (more compat than the single-game bleem packs)
but right now it's just a dream for the dreamcast...

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Sega has announced another price drop to 75.... There are many good titles for DC...Plus as mentioned the Bleempacks being created....We own the GT2 bleempack...and we must say that the graphics look far better then EPSXE can generate when playing on the DC and using a VGA converter.

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Phew !! Should i buy it?

Mine is an interesting story.I liked 8 bit super mario a lot(the first video game i played).And rushed in to buy that video game.Then one day I saw sega 16 bit at my friends!! what a machine i screamed and when I was planning to buy it I saw sony playstation.Oh yes!I wanted that for resident evil series only (at that time atleast).Instead I got a computer and got into emulators.So I didnt have to buy a psx at that time.

And last week I saw dreamcast at my friend's place.Wow I saw just two games and they are just awesome.Resident Evil code veronica and the best one "SHENMUE".With Shenmue 2 coming up its a good system i guess(until its emulated on a pc).But i am not sure about buying it may be I will wait for ps 2 and then make a decision.(ps2 is not available here in india yet at an affordable price).
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