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dreamcast emu?

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is there any that work good?
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namco museum isnt exactly the most advanced dc title, so I guess thats why it runs.
Hmm ... moved to DC Emu discussion - and by the way : Keep realistic, emulation of the more advanced games will take several more months, if not years (though I'd prefer the first one as well :p)
the dreamcast its totally dead or not?
there are companys making game for this consola today?

Hey, does anyone know a dc-emulator called "nightmare"??
There is a beta version at
On this site you can also get the 2.0 version which is bundled
with a software called ROM Ripper. Has anyone tried it yet?
The Screenies look pretty good.
BTW: Is there any other good software to rip a Dreamcast-CD?
Thanx in advance
rom ripper sounds like a hoax man

they are asking for only cash
and bundling there product with an unreleased version of an emulator

also in the description of rom ripper they say
"The ROM Ripper uses your ordinary CD Drive to actually emulate the Dreamcast's own Drive using low-level hardware coding, this lets it read the data from the discs. Dreamcast Discs cannot be read by any other known program!"

the problem with this is that the dreamcast disc can not be read by normal cd-rom drives because they are not cd-roms but gd-roms. the discs are a higher density than cd-roms. in other words, some dreamcast games contain more information than can be held on a single cd-rom

as for nightmare the emulator,
i could have sworn that it was a fake but i could be wrong
some one else has the answer
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All I can say about nightmare is I heard somewhere that it was fake.May be you can take a look at this for some more info on the same. .
Originally posted by SIR_LINX
the dreamcast its totally dead or not?
there are companys making game for this consola today?
a few games are still coming out, but not much...

and nightmare is a fake, kthx.
I have been crossing my fingers on hoping that a DC emulator will be made... and even though there are rumours that the Xbox can play DC games... only one can hope.

A little off topic here, but I'm just ticked off that they cancelled Shenmue 2 for the DC. They sold the rights to Microsoft so they can sell it for their XBox. So this is what I say to Sega :fingers:

*CJ is very mad at this decision, and has sent numerous emails to Sega. He knows he won't get a response, and they aren't flames. Just properly-worded emails* :D
Shenmue 2 for the DC is out. At the least the Jap version did. Tried it at the shop but too rich for my blood for now.

Gonna only buy the English version, if it ever makes it out...
It won't. :( Only Japanese & possibly the European version will be out... I'm just hoping that the Japanese version has the option to switch to English, or perhaps the European one will be better to get... I am just hoping.... Wishful thinking I guess.
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