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dreamcast emu?

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is there any that work good?
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Currently there are only three dreamcast emus and none of them plays commercial games.
"Dreamer" was supposed to be best until recently and its said to play few demos and games ."Boobcast" is supposed to be the most advanced one and the third one "Dreamemu" has been updated recently with some screenshots.
I am really waiting for something big to happen on dreamcast emulation(I want to play Code veronica and Shenmue on my pc).
Originally posted by Athleon
prafull; is that emu emu WORKING ?
Here is a screen shot from pacman(i love pacman) in Dream emu . Head over to dreamemu's official site[Now I dont know for sure which sites have what content so I wont give the link(Dont want to mess up with our administrators)] to find out how the development is going(As I said earlier none of them plays commercial games officialy as yet.
Originally posted by CDBuRnOuT
50%? You've got to be kidding me.

At most, Dreamer is confirmed to run one commercial game, the wince-based Namco Museum Classics. Of course, the version that plays this is unreleased.

DreamEmu is supposed to be able to play one or two commercial games, or it is going to soon, again, unreleased.

boob!cast (hi CyRUS :)) plays pretty much all homedev stuff, but no commercial games (afaik, that is).

There you have it.
Helpful info Cdburnout.Anyway I think shiori may have been talking about sega saturn emulator (not dreamcast ones).Now sometimes when people go bit offtopic it can be confusing.

I hope and pray more commercial games are playable soon(have to keep an eye on all 3 emus and may be some new one).
All I can say about nightmare is I heard somewhere that it was fake.May be you can take a look at this for some more info on the same. .
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