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Hey, I am RobSupertones, recently made a news poster here at! This is my first post, because Bobbi hogs all the news. If there is new news, Bobbi will have it posted here ASAP before us, the other news posters can even find it! Pretty nice actually!

I have noticed that around here the Dreamcast doesn’t get much attention, and I myself love my Dreamcast, and enjoy all the emulation action. So, I feel that it is necessary for me to give you the Dreamcast hype!

One of my favorite Dreamcast emulators (NesterDC, a NES emulator for Dreamcast) has been progressing very nicely. With 100% speed, and 2 player support, I find it to be one of the best NES emulators for Dreamcast.

Well anyway, the author, Ken, has given up on this great emulator and Takayama Fumihiko has taken over as the lead programmer…

"well, you heard it here first... Ken has given up on the NesterDC project... stating that he doesn't have much time to work on it anymore, we all wish him great luck in whatever he chooses to do from here. On another, more positive note, Takayama Fumihiko (ExpandedNesterDC's author) has taken over as the lead programmer for this project, so we can expect some GREAT things coming up in the near future. Expect a new, version 4.0 release of Official NesterDC in the near future! So you all must remember, NesterDC is not dead, now it just has a new author! And again, much thanks to Ken Friece to all his work on NesterDc... good luck for the future, bro. The site will be "updated" within the week, along with a new message board hosted by see you all soon (c:"
- RedDevil163

I sure hope that this great emulator can survive among the other emulators!

-RobSupertones, “Let emulation live!”
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