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Dream, dream, dream...

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I've been thinking, now that ePSXe is nearing perfection, and PSX in dying, will the autors ever try a new emulation project with one of the new consoles. Will there ever be a ePS2e? Isn't ePSXe a good strating point for an PS2 emulator.

I don't really know much about emulation (I only a bit of C++ programing) so this can probably be very stupid but, isn't PS2 a better PSX? All the principals are the same, right?

So, could ePSXe be a good starting point for an PS2 emu, or am I just dreaming? :confused:
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They said the same thing before UltraHLE and Bleem! came out. I have faith. Anyways I'm buying a PS2.

But u have not answered to my question. Will the authors of ePSXe going to try any other emulation project in the future?

c.I don´t know
I don't think they will,they still have a lot of work to do on ePSXe.
It might happen but you will need a dvd rom to play it, due to the fact that ps2 games are written on to a dvd disc.
My answer would have to be b-No. I say this because I believe that the ePSXe team are putting their heart and sould into ePSXe and want it to be as close to perfect as possible. To do that, it is going to take all of their time and effort. It will also take some time, due to the complexitys of the many games and the PSX itself. I wouldn't be looking for a PS2 emulator from Calb, Galtor, and Demo any time soon, if ever. Just my opinion.
DVD-WRITERS are out baby:D , copy those PS2 games!!!!!!
.... as long as you like having a bank overdraft :D

not all PS2 games are on DVD. The ones with the purple surface are ordinary CDs, and you can burn them, although it requires you to use three different programs to do so (if I can remember correctly).

Anyway, I don`t think there will be a PS2 emu for at least three/four years...
Maybe by the time people know enough about the PS2 to emulate it the ePSXe team will have perfected ePSXe and will be looking for a new project...maybe(probably not).
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