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Draken: Order of the Flame

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Got this working at last (had to start the game in 98, then I copied it across to XP and was able to run the game). The graphics are.... interesting. Low poly models, not particularly detailed textures, but massive enviorments and environmental bump-mapping. At the time, this must have meen the mac daddy of graphical extravagansas, but as you can see it looks a bit dated now.
I'll put some more shots up later when I get further through the game.
Shots at 1280x1024/1024x768 (switched when I alt-tabbed) 4x2xAA/AF
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Heh I actually have this game. It came with a 3dfx Voodoo3 3000 I purchased a long while back. It was designed to run in pre Transform and Lighting days on 16 bit Voodoo3 cards. I guess I could look at it but I doubt I'd wanna go through the hassle of getting it to run. Makes me wonder if Return to Krondor will run.
I dunno where you get that. The female model looked like crap now. And it looked like crap then. She never had realistic movements. The enviroments were nice but the actual charactor models were garbage.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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