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Draken: Order of the Flame

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Got this working at last (had to start the game in 98, then I copied it across to XP and was able to run the game). The graphics are.... interesting. Low poly models, not particularly detailed textures, but massive enviorments and environmental bump-mapping. At the time, this must have meen the mac daddy of graphical extravagansas, but as you can see it looks a bit dated now.
I'll put some more shots up later when I get further through the game.
Shots at 1280x1024/1024x768 (switched when I alt-tabbed) 4x2xAA/AF
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I borrowed that game from a friend a few years back, ran like utter crap on my POS PIII 750 128MB ram, Radeon 7000, but ran great when I went to the PIV 1.5 512MB Ram, and Radeon 9500, haven't tried it on my new rig, might ask to borrow it again, I didn't get very far b4 he wanted it back, but it was good for as far as I got.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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