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Dragonball z Legends stuck at events

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When I want to switch out charachters or a meteo appears, (beams/specials)

Sometimes he just pauses and hangs after a certain time at a always a certain point... Sometimes after the special the screen goes white before it goes to gameplay as normal but sometimes it hangs white...

Here some vids...:
YouTube - Dbz legends cell with cartoon shader +2xsal
@ 1.11 it hangs....
@1.18 it stays white.. hangs..

All on version:
Pete opengl driverGL 2.9
Got augustus 2009 direct 9.0c + latest nvidia drivers. (geforce 7900 gto 512 mb)
Play windowed(fullscreen same prob)
Internal x res 2
Internal y res 3
strechting mode 3
render mode 2
textures filtering 6
hi-res textures 1 (use pixel shader)
offs creen draw 2
framebuffer effect 3
frambuffer upload 2
fullscreen filter
shader effects - cartoonshader 1 BL
colour depth 32 bit, 1400x1050
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Amazing. An unresolved problem since '09! Lol.
I recommend trying out other emulators, PSXeven or pSX.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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