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Dragon Warrior 7

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Does this game work with Vgs? It loads, but once after the intro movie and starting screen. You're left with a dark blue background and thats it, music to accompany that aswell. Please, if anyone know how to get this game to work on Vgs it'll be great. Also, does this game work in Epsxe?

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Don't know about the problem, but kill the link. It's not allowed here.
1. no, it doesn't work in VGS. I wish someone out there would come up with a games.txt thingy, though.....

2. yes, it works on epsxe.
Thanks Shiori, so much more helpful then some .. -)
Since you have ignored my request, I'll manually eliminate it in every post you've put it in.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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