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I just got the whim to replay dragon warrior 7, so I went, set up epsxe 1.7, and started to play. the game looked good, ran at a healthy 60 fps, I was happy.

After the initial cg intro, maribel starts talking to the hero. She asks a question, you answer and she continues. She goes to remind you about something, but the text gets to rememb- and the game gets an error. It was epsxe error opcode 1b UNK.

Now, this is new, because I have not seen this error in 5 years. My computer is not insufficient, as I run Chrono Cross perfectly with shaders.

I tried opengl plugins, I tried soft plugins, and d3d and dx6 d3d. I tried different sound plugins. I tried 1.7, 1.6, and 1.5.2, and have yet to be able to play beyond the opening dialog.

Supposedly, this is a game that emulates great, but I have yet to see that.

Just for a last bit of info, I am using the original CD.
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