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Yes, I have one of those ever persistant configuration questions. Lately I have been doing a lot of expieramenting with DW7 in an effort to improve the graphics somewhat at higher resolutions. However, despite being able to generally improve the graphics, all the 3D acceleration plugs I have tried have resulted in annoying glitches.

Petes-Basically, the best plug-in for my AiW Radeon I have found. The graphics look quite good at 1024X768 with FSAA 4x enabled, whether it be D3D or OpenGL. The only problem I have here is glitches that occur when a text window pops up. I get a kind of flashing mishaped out of place texture polygon like thing along the right side of my screen. Its annoying and distracting enough to make me search for a different solution.

NextGL-runs fast, but with mad glitches. obviously not ready for DW7 yet.

Petes Soft-This runs without glitvhes and with solid consistent speed, but at 800X600 or any resolution for that matter it looks like shit. (Obviously, I have been spoiled by high-res FSAA) The pixels and jaggies are nigh unbearable. I was kinda hoping the 'easter egg' thingie worked with this, but it only works with the 3D accelerated ones.

Does anybody know of a way to eleminate the flashing mutated polygons that occur during text messages? I would be ever so grateful for your help.

Lastly, my system specs:
AMD Athlon-C [email protected]; 512 MB of [email protected] (stupid pencil trick!); Abit KT7A-133-RAID mobo, AiW Radeon, Hercules Game TheaterXP, IBM 307030 HD, Cambridge Soundworks 4 pt.w/ Subwoofer, Viewsonic G90f 19" Flatscreen, USB GamePadPro

Thanx very much,
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