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The fight starts and the 2 competitors approach each other...

Bruce naturally gets the first kick in but its blocked by the spunky chef.

the fight moves on a little and Bruce is gaining the upper hand by standing on the chef and crushing him with his feet

the chef quickly recovers and throws Bruce to the ground with devastating results

the chef swiftly moves the fight outdoors while he has the upper hand

another chef jumps into the fray and things are starting to get tough for our hero...

the chef duo have our brucey out for the count and things arent lookin too good.....

bruce is back on his feet but the chefs have him backed into a corner he cant possibly get out of!!

bruce does the impossible and floors one of the chefs and does the same toe crushing move from before.

the toe crunching blow proves to be fatal and its one down and one to go for the home team.

the second chef proves to be a greater challenge than the first and quickly has bruce backed into a corner at the mercy of his chopping blades.

the blades are too much for bruce and he is pummeled to the floor by the chef

the damage is just too much to take and bruce is done for..... oh well i guess hes always got those extra two lives! ;)
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