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EDIT: i havent had a crash as of yet but the browny screen only occurs when characters tell the past like angelo tells why marcehllo hates him or when jessicas brother dies. bbut the only movie that is like browny color i have seen is the intro movie.

so is ther any settings or hacks to avoid this or maybe patches. i dont want to skip them just want them to be watchable

Wot is the best settings and best ps2 emulator to play draagon quest 8 in the reason im asking is caus in my normal settings i get this glitch with a cutscene where *SPOILER*

Alistar meets dhoulmagus and dies i cant see anything its like weird browny color i can sort of see the waterfall and i can hear them talking and i can see textbox that about it but after that cutscene everything is fine i get normal speeds as well.

i also tried with no speed hacks on and its same thing i used dxdx10 but SSSE3 as i dont have SSE4

please help heres my settings for the game

graphic : GSDX 694 15.00 SSSE3 0 1 14 Resolution : windowed Renderer : Direct3D10 (Hardware) interlacing : None Aspect ratio : 4:3 D3D Internal Res native NLOOP Hack grey tick Texture filtering black tick

sound : ZeroSPU r514 -Dev 046 Timescaling ON Real time Mode ON
CdvdRom: Linuz Iso CDVD 0 8 0

CPU : EERC -EE/IOP VUOrec ON VU1rec ON Multi Threaded GS Mode ON Limit frames Custom FPS limit 60 Skip Frames 45
Speed Hack : use X2 Cycle Rate
Advanced : EEREC's Option round mode : chop/zero Clamp mode : Extra + preserve sign denormals are Zero VU Recs Option Round mode : Chop/Zero Clamp mode : Extra Denormals are Zero

heres a video of it, u have to wait till near the end for the error video bit to occur
and its laggy as i dont know wot settings to use for camtasia

YouTube - stupid error screen
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