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Hello everyone, im new to pcsx2 emulation as now I have a beastly comp that can run this thing full speed no prob at around 2048x2048 res. However I have noticed that with the latest official release Im not getting all the effects of this wonderful game. Bloom is missing as well as shadows:drool:, I guess their called Post-processing effects? im not really sure, also there is a black line that cuts off any form of water near the hero, and flash back videos basically turn too a ugly brownish screen, its a very strange effect. Any help would be appreciated or if there is older versions of plugins that can run these you could point my way, again thank you! :D

I also tried both gdsx dx10 and dx9 plugins which made no difference.

my comp. gtx280ocx x 2, i7920 oc 4.0gig, ssd HDD 120gb, asus rampage II gene motherboard. and 6gb 1333 ram, Windows 7 64bit ultimate.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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