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Originally posted by andré
SFA3: I've leveled my character to 21 in the world tour mode, and i can't gain any more experience points. Is there some other mode, or another way to continue advancing my character?
No. After you finish the last battle in the world tour mode you cannot advance further, which really sux because unless you can get to level 27(or lv 24, i'm not sure) by the time you finish the last battle you won't be able to fight and acquire Evil Ryu, Guile or Shin Akuma. Make sure to get a LOT of perfect finishes (especially the multi-opponent battles, they're worth a hell of a lot more than the single opponent battles). Set the difficulty speed to lowest and just beat the crap out of them as fastest possible. I find Akuma's hurricane kick/dragon punch juggle is among the most effective ways to get perfects. If you mess up in a key battle, exit and reload your game. Good luck!
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