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Dr Robotnik Passes Away at age 57

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Dr Robotnik Passes Away at age 57
Posted by wraggster At 4:52

Da Mad Fiddler submitted this news to me:

"It is with a heavy heart that I report to you all the recent, sudden passing of Mr. Deem Bristow on the night of Saturday, January 15.

Mr. Bristow's name most likely goes unrecognized to most of you, as is the unfortunate case with most voice actors (and not only in the game industry). But, as I said, those of you who are Sonic fans will surely miss him; he has been lending his considerable talents to the character of timeless series villain Dr. Robotnik/Dr. Eggman since the series' characters first started talking, way back in Sonic Adventure. I know I can at least speak for myself when i say that I've really enjoyed Mr. Bristow's take on the evil doctor, and that his work has always particularly stood out to me while playing through all of the recent Sonic games.

The exact details aren't known to me (and are probably better left unsaid here anyway), but what I can say is that on the night of his death, Mr. Bristow suddenly collapsed at a singles dance and died shortly thereafter at Sharp Hospital.

Here at GAF, our thoughts and condolences go out to the family and friends of Mr. Bristow, who is survived by his mother and sister. He gave a wonderful voice to one of gaming's most well-known, appealing villains, and his work will be missed.

Update: Though we currently don't have a full list of Bristow's works on our site, you can see what we believe to be a fairly complete list at IMDB.

Source: The Ruins of the Fourth Wall, North County Times"

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Sad :(:(
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that sucks....

was he the english voice of Dr Eggman in Sonic X, and all the other sonic games?
I give my condolences. It's a sad day indeed. The voice actor that's going to kill me the most when he's gone "Cam Clarke" . Those who don't now who he is..just look at this list.

Cam Clarke's IMDB
Damn, that's too bad. Dr Robotnik was the coolest..:(

Cam Clarke definately is one of the best. (MGS and Ryudo from Grandia 2 ;))

Bristow did the english voice of Eggman:
well quite honestly I think Dr Robotnik's character died right when he started started talking on Sonic Adventure. No offense to Dr Bristow but to Sonic team for totally destroying what was the coolest platform game character and all the other characters that too part in the desecrated wonder of 16 bit era.
My farewell to DR Bristow. I only wish the script that Sonic Team made was of better quality.
Damn, that voice was so cool. My brother started watching some old Sonic Adventure tapes we had, hearding his evil yet sophisticated voice brought back memories.
This is a great loss for all the fans of sonic :(
Dang, I don't belive that, you know after all the sonic movies and games.It happened so fast man.
sad news indeed. He made me laugh a couple of times..... :(

R.I.P. ... Mr. Bristow...
I'm sorry to hear that :(. May your soul rest in peace Dr Robotnik.
It's sad to lose such incredible talent. And Cam Clarke would be missed greatly as well :cry: ....he IS Liquid Snake.

But I would miss Michael Bell (Raziel - Soul Reaver series) and David Hayter (Solid Snake - MGS series).

r2rX :eyemove:
I offer my condolences to Mr. Bristow and his family.
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