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Hi, hope you are all right.
First of all, I want to apologize if is this es a basic setup o there is already a topic about this. I read most of the help pages of x360ce but I couldn't understand much because english is not my first language.

I'm using a Gear Stronghold controller and works fine with the emulator. I use it for The Witcher 3 and it is almost perfect except for one thing: the "up" button of the dpad sometimes press itself. Probably it is a problem of the controller itself and not the emulator, but I want to know if I can enable a dead-zone or something like that for that button. I tried to do so in the "Dpad" page, but it doesn't work, even if I config it at 100% (I don't really know if this is the way to do what I want).
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Hope you can help me.
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