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Hey everybody,

So I'm trying to get .hack // reminisce working and it seems fine until the opening scene kicks in. Sometimes (depending on the vu options used) the game will crash during the opening fmv or into the very beginning of the game.

Here's the error that occurs: vtlb miss:addr 0x4,mode 0

Is it a EErec problem or something else?

Edit -

Problem solved! It appears that it's a timing issue. I know there are some other threads in this forum about this problem but I could not find one that addresses the answer to this problem.

But anyhow, for those who are curious. The fix is to simply use a 2x cycle hack. It's one of those games where only a certain hack cycle will work and everything else will break it.

Make sure 2x cycle is checked, depending on the game you may need the INTC sync hack also.

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