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Don't miss out on this film mites

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Well it's out in the U.S., but for the other people who lives in europe, or asia, or somewhere else (you guys gotta wait for it to come out though/ to bad) the films name is "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back", this f-u-c-k-'in film is mad funny, you'll be laughing your f-u-c-k'in ass out

you'll definitely see a cast of stars:p

that's boo boo kitty f-u-c-k (funny name for Shannon Elizabeth huh?!:D )

Well anyway watch the film guys, it got's mad curses and it's maaaad funny here's the site;
Jay and silent Bob Strike Back

I hope the trailers are good in the site, but if your in the movies you'll definitly laugh your ass out:D
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if you don't believe me, then you should check out their board
right here baby
hey, we're not "mites", ya know. :eek:
I loved that movie.
But I think you need to watch the previous movies they were in (Clerks, Mall Rats, Chasing Amy, Dogma) to fully appreciate the jokes. They had quite a bit of references to the older movies, especially Mall Rats and Clerks.
I think this movie is about 2 comic character that gone to real world right? Saw the trailer at CNNI.

never saw the previous series though.
I won't say the others were "series".... basically in all those movies I mentioned, they appear as side characters... as "prophets" in Dogma, as the comic book character in Chasing Amy, etc etc. But yeah they're always there.
Yep this movie had entered the us chart into no. 3 (behind rush hour 2 (2nd) and Americain Pie 2 (1st)). That would make the top 3 movies in the states at the mom comedies.

Ps there is currently no release date set for region 2
I'm telling u it's a mad crack-up comedy man:D
You'll hear the 4-letter word from the beginning to the end of the movie:D
i still havent seen it yet
but for any one who hasnt seen the previous movies, it is not required to see them to get the jokes but they do referance the previous ones ALOT so it helps.

btw they were all written by kevin smith (silent bob) and i believe he is one of the best screen writers of the day
Agreed... Silent Bob rules!!

Oh, the soundtrack is pretty funny too.... try to find "Because I Got High", by Afroman... it's hilarious. :)
whats funny is that they are selling that cd on the TV for 18 US$ and the store i work at has it for 12 US$
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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