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Don't buy Dungeon Lords!

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I would consider this to be a consumer warning update. The so called "finished product" Dungeon Lords is in fact barely a beta. It's one of those sad cases where a game has so much potential that is wasted because the developer didn't take the time to actually finish and polish it.


1. On the character select screen the ability to modify your characters appearance is greyed out. The options are right there in plain sight, just not accessable.

2. When changing resolutions (which requires a restart) the title screen resolution doesn't scale accordingly. It always stays at 800X600.

3. There are some serious issues with the sound. Although others have reported it working in brief spurts, I never got it to work at all.

4. The collision detection is total crap. Getting stuck on objects all the time is not uncommon.

5. Sometimes the zoom function sticks for no apparent reason, and will then start working again a little while later.

6. When your character dies and falls to the ground, you can still turn the camera. This would be fine except that your corpse turns with you, making you into a kind of "corpse compass".

In summary, this game is a total unfinished POS, and I'm very pissed off about it. :angry:

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Player-X said:
Let me guess: you bought a game most of us never even heard of let alone tought of buying right?
Well, I actually looking forward to this game, really has potential from the preview, too bad its unfinished.

I guess I have to wait for a mega patch release before buying it :???:

@TastEPlasma, all problems aside, do you think the game is fun?
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