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Donkey Kong King of Swing crash

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Donkey Kong King of Swing freezes

Hi,i got a problem with the new Donkey Kong,when the intro for Adventure Game start it's not displayed correctly,furthermore,in the 2nd world entering the Treacherous Twister level makes the emulator freeze.I've tried almost every VBA version but the results it's always the same.
Someone else encountered this problem?Any solution for this?

Thanks for replies

Added the bug report

Emu version : 1.8.0-beta
Emu Type : Normal Version
File : E:\GBA Roms\1880 - Donkey Kong - King Of Swing (E)(Rising Caravan).zip
BIOS Checksum: 0B83ECAD
Internal name: KINGOFSWINGE
Game code : BBKP
Cart Save : SRAM_V113
Using BIOS : 0
Skip BIOS : 0
Disable SFX : 0
Skip intro : 0
Throttle : 0
Rewind : 0
Auto frame : 0
Video option : 0
Render type : 1
Color depth : 16
Red shift : 0000000b
Green shift : 00000006
Blue shift : 00000000
Layer setting: FF00
Save type : 0 (0)
Flash size : 00010000 (00010000)
RTC : 0 (0)
AGBPrint : 0
Speed toggle : 0
Synchronize : 1
Sound OFF : 0
Channels : 030f
Old Sync : 0
Priority : 2
Filters : 0 (0)
Cheats : 0
GB Cheats : 0
GB Emu Type : 1
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To 'fix' the crash try this code on vba (cheat->cheat list->code):

And nique, if you're still around, could you tell me on what world 3 lvl the game crashes ?
Also if anyone finds another crash in VBA, could you upload your save state (before the crash).

Edit : I fixed the bugs (intro, bad gameplay and crash) in the sourceforge's sources.
Gamer3000 said:

But you need to compile the source or something right? or i need to download a special version?? (newbie question hehe :p)

I tried to download the latest version (1.72 win) from sourceforge, but no changes at all, so that's why i'm wondering which one to download...

Also thanks for the cheat...
Yes, you can only get this fix by compiling the source which is in the sourceforge's CVS right now.
Maybe someone will do it in an 'unofficial' (or a new beta) version, but I won't do it myself for various reasons.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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