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Donkey Kong King of Swing crash

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Donkey Kong King of Swing freezes

Hi,i got a problem with the new Donkey Kong,when the intro for Adventure Game start it's not displayed correctly,furthermore,in the 2nd world entering the Treacherous Twister level makes the emulator freeze.I've tried almost every VBA version but the results it's always the same.
Someone else encountered this problem?Any solution for this?

Thanks for replies

Added the bug report

Emu version : 1.8.0-beta
Emu Type : Normal Version
File : E:\GBA Roms\1880 - Donkey Kong - King Of Swing (E)(Rising Caravan).zip
BIOS Checksum: 0B83ECAD
Internal name: KINGOFSWINGE
Game code : BBKP
Cart Save : SRAM_V113
Using BIOS : 0
Skip BIOS : 0
Disable SFX : 0
Skip intro : 0
Throttle : 0
Rewind : 0
Auto frame : 0
Video option : 0
Render type : 1
Color depth : 16
Red shift : 0000000b
Green shift : 00000006
Blue shift : 00000000
Layer setting: FF00
Save type : 0 (0)
Flash size : 00010000 (00010000)
RTC : 0 (0)
AGBPrint : 0
Speed toggle : 0
Synchronize : 1
Sound OFF : 0
Channels : 030f
Old Sync : 0
Priority : 2
Filters : 0 (0)
Cheats : 0
GB Cheats : 0
GB Emu Type : 1
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Sorry to bring back this topic, but i've been dying to know how to use DreamGBA so it can play DK King of Swing. I've tried several configurations, and none of them work. Obviously i'm using the RisingCaravan release.

I could flash my flash cart, pass this level, then export back the save, but it's a real pain to do this everytime I want to play that level.

Many thanks.

P.S. Hi, im new to this forum. I'm gonna be honest, I do not intend to stick alot. What really is bugging me is that problem with the rom. At least i'm honest ;)
VisualBoy Advance saves are compatible with DreamGBA, so i'll just need to use VBA for playing the rest of the game. ;)
That's why I wanted to know how you managed to make it work.

Also, I managed to get thru donkey kong mode (by flashing to my cart), now i'm playing with Diddy so i can finally finish the game 100%. :)

Thanks for your reply btw.
Thanks i'll try it and edit my post with results after.
Couldn't make it work.
I tried with the loader, but apparently it has a bug.
So i drag-dropped the file on the DreamGBA_Win32.exe, but it freeze.
I've managed to make Tang-Tang work, with big graphical bugs (screen is 1/2 of the width, and the colors are messed up) but it freeze after the intro. :\
Could you explain me how you made it work?
I'm using win xp pro, a p4 1.5ghz, 512mb pc-100.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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