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i went to the donate the 2.50 through paypal and when i got to the page it said is not accepting funds or some bull.

whats up with that no$gba isnt accepting donations anymore?
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First of all this forum is not only about no$gba, it's about emulation in general so your questions is missplaced it should have been asked in the handheld section's no$gba section.

But yes donations are down, no one knows why and they have been down for a long time as well as the entire emu has been dormant since Jan 2007. So yes that means you can't get no$gba 2.6a in an ethically correct manner. However 2.6a does not feature that many improvements over 2.6 on it's own anyways so just download and use that. 2.6a's main benefit is that some tools have been created which fix some games when used with it, so yes unfortunately you don't have access to that either.
And no you are not going to get an answer any different than this, we simply have heard NOTHING from martin or seen any new info on the no$gba homepage since Jan 2007.
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Ehrm, the latest version is in 23th January 2008. :D
Anyways, we don't have nothing to do with Donations of NO$GBA.
Oops, I meant Jan 2008...anyways either way it's a long time of being quiet.

The reason why he asked here though Lex is cuz martin stopped his own forum and instead started linking from his homepage to here as the official no$gba forums.
Yes, I know that Martin linked to this forums, but Martin visits a few this forum. :D
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