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Dolwin 0.10 released!!!

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You guys have been waiting a long time for the next release of Dolwin. Remember that this emulator has undergone a total rewrite of the code.

10 Jan 2005 - Dolwin 0.10 Release

Its been long time, since last release, and at last new version is out :)

We was hurry to finish it on new year holidays, but lot of WIP is
still present. Anyway, biggest part of work is made already, so we
decided to release it as is. This release may look unfinished and
buggy somewhere, but it will be fixed in future versions!

Get Dolwin 0.10 from download section here.
See text files for more details and version info.

History.txt said:
* 0.10
• overall source code is rewritten and cleaned-up
• stable plugin specifications
• precede video timing
• improved debugger (more commands)
• memory cards are finally emulated
• compressed GCM files feature
• some HLE optimizations
• integrated MAP maker for HLE
• MEGA *ton* of bug fixes (see changes.txt)

summary : some games are playable (but slow). no sound yet.
[20:07] <or9> i remembert "w00ty"

Get Dolwin 0.10 at Dolwin's Homepage

Also the Dolphin GX plugin (ported for Dolwin) is also available in the download page. You will get better compatibility with this plugin.


EDIT: also, if some names arent displayed correctly in the emulator. you can email me (meh or pm me) the name of the game, its region (either USA, EUR or JPN) with its game number. (ie. GPIEB6)) We'll update the games.ini which will be sent to hotquik when more titles are missing.
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sweet, with Dolphin in its finnal days, Dolwin and Gcube will be the sucessors.
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