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Help with Rune Factory Frontier?

So, I don't know a thing about the Dolphin emulator. I know the Gamecube part works. And I can get games to run on my Wii. But I'm having a problem. I don't really know where to start...
Here's the problem: I have Rune Factory Frontier that I want to play on the emulator. It runs up until I have to pick a journal. The screen is dark and you can barely see the actual screen. But you can clearly see the text "Pick a journal". The first time I setup and configured this didn't happen. The problem when I first ran it was that the controller didn't work. I'm using a USB PS controller that Logitech makes. Do I have to use the keyboard?
Anyway, the second time I ran it, the screen thing happened. I don't know if something happened to the settings. I would appreciate any help. I'm new to the site. But I'd rather post my problems here than any where else. :)'

Note: Please take it slow with me. I'm not an idiot, but I havn't messed with this emulator very much. I don't want to mess my emulator up and I really just want to play this game.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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