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Hi all,

First: Dolphin is really great and i love it :)

My problem, i read a lot now to find out why Games are runnin @40-60% on my PC with EFB enabled .....

Here's my PC:

PhenomII 955 @ 3,7Ghz
2x Ati 4870 (CF Mode)
8GB DDR2 1066 Ram
W7 x64

The problem happens to every Game i run .... it runs fast and smoothly with EFB Copy disabled (graphical errors Like the Black Box in WII Sports / Tennis).

Enabled causes in good graphics but unplayable speed e.g. WII Sports, Tennis the Game run#s wwith about 50-60% than ......

Is there anything that can be configured to avoid this?

thx a lot :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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