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Will dolphin eventually reach full speed on single core computers?

Will the game zelda four swords adventure have multiplayer support?

By the year 2013 will dolphin be as fine as the emulator project 64 capable of running on the most sluggish computers?

Will wifi every work?

I want to eventually buy a pc which is best preferred for the emulator dolphin?

Will dolphin have multiple core support because i may buy a intel i9 next year?
1. It needs good compatibility first, then there will be optimizing to low end PCs

2. Requires GBA support, which is still a fork in Dolphin

3. see 1

4. Not sure, if Nintendo finds out that Dolphin hacked Wi-Fi server, project will be closed, I guess. But who knows :p

5. See post above

6. Only Dual Core, having more cores will be pain in the ass to emulate
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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