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hey every as you now know dolphin can play audio from games like zelda and mario ect. now i wanted to make a thread of games that have perfect sound or near perfect sound

1.soulcalibur 2

2. mariokart (it crashes tho)

3. pokemon collisium

4.zeldaWW (crahes at begning and at telescope )

5. zelda TP

that is all the games i tried im going to be trying 4 swords soon and others! tell me if any other games have sound aswell =]

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I could of swore I read that the item hang bug was fixed with the implementation of the new dsp code or at least fixed with this commit: r3608 - dolphin-emu - Google Code

Btw sound is not perfect.. yet, this thread is a bit misleading as even ector admitted himself that sound is still a bit crappy in these games and not perfected yet. It's quite a step forward, it's just not perfect yet.

Despite there being sound it is still slightly broken and some sounds aren't correctly output with the current implementation of the ucode.
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