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Dolphin Pad Plugins

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Hi i am new to the forums.

I have already searched the forum for an answer but couldnt find anything.

I recently downloaded a Dolphin Emulator to play Super Smash Bros on gamecube. When i try to run the game i get a small error box telling me it cant find a PAD plugin.

I have done some research and looked into MegaPad and LilyPad but cant seem to understand what i need to do. I have a standard PC controller and would like to set it up to work on the emulator.

Any help would be greatly appriciated


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Do you have the Directx9 update for August 2009
Another fine question would be what revision are you using? You are using Dolphin SVN revisions, aren't you?
LilyPad is a PS2 emulator pad plugin and will not work for Dolphin. MegaPad is probably a similar story. You have to wonder where people get the idea that this kind of thing will work.
And yes, update your DirectX runtimes! Download details: DirectX End-User Runtime
well, xpadder would be cool, try it out!
xpadder - Google Search
Yeah i am using the SVN version which is why i was also getting so confused when i was told to use megapad and lilypad.

Ive tried Xpadder and ive created a file with all the settings in. But do not know what i need to do now.

Is there a simpler way for me to do this?

Forget Xpadder. It wont help you if you cant find the pad plugin. Go back and read the first 2 replies to this thread. which SVN revision? Do you have DX9 installed and up to date?
Reextract, or Install Dolphin if problem persists.
gareth is right. forget about xpadder, it will only confuse you, and try up to date your directx
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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