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Hmm... No comments... The image speaks for itself... And consider my crappy computer... :drool:

I guess frameskipping is really a GOD. At Xtemulation Forums I said it didn't affect much because at the time I had only tried Super Mario Galaxy and Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn, and there's not a very big increase in those games, but look at this beauty!!!!! I guess I can now say that I have played a Gamecube game in Dolphin at full speed and now my Gamecube might feel a little jealous... XD
lol omg ur cpu has so much ***** going on ofcourse it will be slow. ( the side bar...virus scanner....mirc...) and even my 2ghz dualcore laptop gets full speed when i look at a wall = =;

edit: just ran on my pc. [w/o frameskip]this game runs to fast >< never goes below 100% average is 140~200% makes me think how much 600mhz more in processor speed can help ^^ -hugs amd X2 7750-
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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