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Dolphin now have frameskipping o/

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Just so you know. Dolphin now have frameskipping feature. XTra.KrazzY commited the revision (r3949) and the log says:

"Frameskipping! Complete with GUI! Even my most naive approach resulted in great speeds, even with graphic-intensive games such as Pikmin."

I could not test it because I'm not at home. Can't wait to get in home:eyemove:
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I really need to learn to make my own builds so I can get this sooner..
I compile Version 3950 but i don't know where the frameskipping GUI is...

I can't find it ....

Where is it ?
The Frameskip options are in the main dolphin gui where you see the list of isos, in Emulation->Frameskip and than select 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9!!;)
No speed up for me in Naruto GNT 4. It's the same like running the game in "slow motion", but laggy :(.
It's normal the frameskip, skip some frames and then with the frameskip any game goes better but laggy and not fluid!
Im not seeing faster speeds, It just seems to make games jerky
You have a @3.8GHz processor.. you don't need the frameskip at all! For me.. now mario kart wii and zelda are "like" full speed, and SMG is more playable.. great!
Yeah..that is a fair point lol
My FPS counter goes high, but it gets more laggy than before.
it helps games where the ogl plugin is the bottleneck.
set ur fs to 1 or 2.anything higher will probalyresult in like a slide show LOL. this works great thats dolphin team!
Awesome, I can play Metroid Prime at decent speeds now =D

With 1 skipped frames between each frame...of course xD
What are your specs? I'm interested to see if the minimum specs have lowered since FS was added.
It is probably usefull to everybody with less than a @2,8GHz processor
It is probably usefull to everybody with less than a @2,8GHz processor
No ive tryed Remake/zero ,zelda TP and WW
Just makes things worse even with the 1 setting

Using 3800x2 @ 2 ghz (not for much longer)
zelda tp works fine for me :) i use 2 frame skip and it works good.
Auto frameskip would be so awesome. 0 at points when the game is running at full speed, automatically dropping to 1,2,3 etc when the frame rate drops.
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