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Dolphin is using more then 7gig ram!

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Hey Dolphin users,
is it normal that dolphin use so much ram?
The last time I used Dolphin was 2 years ago and I cant remember this kind of extreme consumption of ram. Is it a bug?

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Jep of course it is Dolphin in other whey I wouldn't write it in the topic ;)
Dolphin takes after time more and more memory but it is not running out of memory it stops suddenly after the ram is full... the game is not running slower it looks only a little bit weird.

Thanks lpfaint99 jep I have an ATI card.

I disable the Destination Alpha Pass and dolphin stops to "spam" my ram but some games are not playable like Metroid Prime 2 :/ (The scan Visor is not working any more)

Ok so if the bug is known it is not necessary to report it.
You just have to uninstall your catalyst (the version you have) and install 0.93 Catalyst. This is the last correct version with no memory leak, Dolphin is the only emu that has this kind of issue :yawn:
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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