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You won't be able to use the OpenGL plugin, so you'll have to download a revision prior to around 3545 or 357x and use the old DX9 video plugin from around the 2xxx revisions.

Be aware that the DX9 plugin is not actively developed like the OpenGL plugin, contains quite a bit of graphical issues, and doesn't contain the recent fixes or features that were implemented into the OpenGL plugin.

There is nothing that you will be able to do to fix these problem unless you know how to code. Someday developers plan on updating the DirectX video plugin to include the fixes that were implemented into the OpenGL plugin, but it seems to be low priority at the time.

There has been no work on the DX9 plugin for several hundred revisions now, and I don't expect there to be for a while either. Increasing compatibility, performance and fixing sound problems with Zelda/Mario games seems to be at the top of their list right now.
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