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Dolphin-Bloody Roar- How to get more fps ?

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Here we go !
My PC:
CPU T4300 2x2.1 Ghz
VGA: ATI 4570 512 MB
Window 7 Home Premium 64 Bit
Dolphin x64 r4525 ( newest version )

I have 150 fps (loading game) but only ~ 30 fps ingame ( too slow for fighting game). I have tried other setting but i've never got better fps. You see i use DirectX 3D Plugin. But every times i tried to use OpenGL plugin, it hanged while loading game and i got black screen ( don't know why because it didn't show any erros ).
Now i want to play this game with more fps and try to use .bat file and game booster so i get 1~2 fps more but it's stille unplayable. I hopy you can help me so give me the tips if you have experiences in dolphin and this game. Many thanks !
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I think you wil get the highest fps boost after overclocking your CPU, your graphic card is good enough for Dolphin, also Ram seems ok.

When it comes to MSAA and AF i cant see a signifcant raise in fps on my system (C2D 3 ghz, 3 GB ram and a 8800 GT with 1 Gb Dram) so better keep it on for better visuals.

As mentioned above, try to overclock yor CPU, maybe you need to upgrade your CPU Cooler but thats not a big deal, search the web for a good one for overclocking you can get alot more mhz out of your CPU, mine was 2,4 ghz originaly and i colud do a little more with my current cooler (it´s an Air Cooler no Water Cooling) but i like it more quiet ;)

But back to your Game, what is it you are trying to play?
At first, thank for you answer ;) You come from Germany ? ( dann können wir auf Deutsch reden :rolleyes:) ^^
Of course it would be better if i could overlock my CPU, but i'm using Notebook and it seems to be imposible :cry:
Back to my game, better to see as to read ^^
YouTube - Bloody Roar: Primal Fury On Dolphin Emulator #3
As you see he gets less FPS than mine but his game runs faster, that's why don't understand. I get sometime 38 FPS but it's really slow. I don't think my Window 7 is the reason.
This game is cool and that's why i try all solution possibility. :cool:
Less FPS but faster. Maybe he's using frameskip?
Less FPS but faster. Maybe he's using frameskip?
How can i use frameskip in Dolphin ?
When starting Dolphin go to: Emulation>frameskipping
Thank you very much Gareth for your tip. Now i think the only solution for me is to find the r2124 version of Dolphin. I just googled it but find nowhere to download :(
Anyone has this version ?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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