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Does your little brother download too much?

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What to do with your little brother downloading too much.

Here is the solution to stop your little brother downloading illegal MP3s and videos and sucking up all the bandwidth.

The funniest thing happened after running this for a little while.
My connection became faster *wink* *wink*. :lol:
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actually its my older brother in my family who downloads too much but he's on a seperate computer so theres nothing i can do about it except disconnect him from the hub, but thats rather easy to notice
it's good I've got younger sister which isn't so interested in downloading as younger brother could have been :evil:
How do you guys deal with this situation?
Well considering I'm the one that hammers the connection here....
my older sister here. On the same pc. But anyway I've got used to it. :p (Actually I'm the one downloading too much ^^
As for me and my breo, we have a mutual agreement where whoever's need for bandwith is more important gets to use it first
Importance is relative
I seem to never run into this downloading too much problem:).I am the only one downloading away here which rules:).
Uploading too much is my problem, being on a 2M/256k connection. Kills my browsing speed
I usually just yell "Shut those f*****g P2P apps off".

If he doesn't, I can always add a rule to my router: "Deny, Port > 1024, w.x.y.z", where w.x.y.z is my brother's IP. ;)

[]s Badaro
I'm the one who sucks all the bandwidth in my house. My brother doesn't stand a chance :evil:
How many download programs and P2P apps does he have running?

I'm running eMule now and my network utilization is 0.13%.
my brother is just a computer retard. he's got no idea how to move things from the folder where everything downloads to in order to avoid uploading and killing my router with a million useless connections.
My isp has no bandwidth limitations + im the one really using the connection anyways :dance:

downloading without bandwidth limitations on a 4000/384 connection= :dance:
I usually don't have problems here, I do the big downloading on the pc my brother uses so he can open the same program and he will be downloading my own stuff as well ;)
I'm the one that downloads to much...I setup a 2nd comptuer in my room so it can run at night since the one I use it to's nice having two computers on the same monitor...
my little brother doesn't download much, but he uses all bandwidth on browsing.. dial-up sucks :p
My sis just plays stupid poorly designed internet games that suck up band width like nothing.
My mom plays those damn games...constantly, not a bandwidth problem, bust still, how can you sit there and play them like that? As much as I love tetris blocks just get boring...
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