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I was wondering since alot of time about that. I know it's just a coincidence, but alot of VG names has meanings in my language (Arabic), sometimes they are funny and strange too.

Examples :
* Magus (Chrono Trigger) : Fire worshippers
* Athena (KOF) : Suffered (Comes like "We suffered" in slang accent)
* Fei (Xenogears) : In :p
* ****an (Xenogears) : Devil (In slang accent, and Shaitan in proper langauge)
* Tifa (FF7) : We call anyone named "Mostafa" here, "Tifa" as a short (Notice that Mostafa is a male :p )
* Cid (All FF) : Master or Mister (In slang langauge only, Else it has to be "Syed")
* Zidane (FF9) : Actually it's an Arabic name, which has a meaning which I'll try to translate "A man who increases things alot". That could mean he is generous or rich.
* Ken (Street fighter) : Hide or take shelter (As an order ^^")
* Zell (FF8) : I'll try to translate it as "Be an obstacle" (As an order)
* Soma (CV : AOS) : Then
* Yuffie (FF7) : A verb which translate as "Makes his promise"
* Wily (Megaman) : Well, if it's true that it's pronounced like "Wailee" as I've heard it once, then it's meaning is "My disaster" (Which is used to blame yourself)
* Akari (Last blade) : My building :rotflmao:

There's alot more ofcourse ^_^ .

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Well, lots of Japanese RPGs (especially Xenosaga/Xenogears) use german words as names for characters, equipment etc. Here's a small, rather incomplete selection:

- Weltall (a Gear from Xenogears): the universe
- Stier (another Gear from Xenogears): bull
- Jugend (Elly's training camp in Xenogears): youth
- Heidelberg (a town from Tales of Destiny): a city that actually exists in reality
- Seyfert (a god from Tales of Eternia): strangely spelled typical german surname
- Fusskampf (a foot armour from Vagrant Story): let's call this "foot fight" - RUN, SOLDIER!
- Spangenhelm (a head armour from Vagrant Story): a sort of knight helmet made of plates attached to each other

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Well, sometimes I feel that especially Monolith Soft just browsed through a dictionary and randomly chose words that sounded cool...

Sorry that I didn't get your point.

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well, i guess a lot of the names could randomly be like "omg coincidental", for example short names like Ken, in japanese there are a lot of meanings for the word ken ;)

although, i do think that Squaresoft, et al, pick names from arabic/latin/greek origins though (intentionally).

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Meanings in Dutch:

* Ai (NeoGeo Battle Coliseum ) = similar to "Oops" or "Uh oh"
* Angel (KOF) = that thing a bee or wasp stings with (needle?)
* Dan (SF) = "Then" or "Than"
* Fokker (Power Stone) = Dutch plane company (probably he's named like that on purpose; his alternative name is Falcon)
* Gen (SF) = Gene
* Gore (Star Gladiator) = Dirty
* Havik (MK Deception) = A type of bird
* Kai (I think there's several Kai's in games) = slang for the sound of a sad dog =P
* Kano (MK) = a kind of boat
* Kraken (Power Stone) = "scratching" noise like a door makes or an old record
* Lei (again, there's more Lei's) = a (classic) black tablet you can write on
* Link (Zelda) = someone who can't be trusted ;)
* Fei Long (SF) = long means lung
* Moe (KOF EX) = tired :)
* Rook (Capcom Fighting Allstars???) = smoke
* Wang (there are several) = cheek

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* Angel (KOF) = fishing rod
* Link (Zelda) = left (well, the word is actually links, but who cares...)
* Kraken (Power Stone) = the plural of octopus
* Rock... (Rockman) = skirt (Skirtman :D)
* Cloud (FFVII) = (he) steals :lol: (if written as you'd pronounce it, it'd read "klaut")
* Tifa (FFVII) = deeper (if written as pronounced, it'd read "tiefer")

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>>>* Link (Zelda) = someone who can't be trusted
:rotflmao: .

Some more :
* Ai (NGBC) : A voice used when hit (Like ouch)
* Gen (SF) : Demon or demons
* Dan (SF) : Accused someone (In slang language)
* Lei (In many games ;) ) : For me :D
* Amakusa (Samurai Shodown) : An expression which translates as "How disorganising" and it's often used when something unfair happens.
* Amano (Last blade) : His safety
* Andy (Fatal fury) : Have (Used with subject "I" as in "I have")
* Anna (many games) : I
* Annie (Rage of the dragons) : I (Slang language spoken in some parts here)
* Aoi (Virtua fighter) : So much
* Apocalypse (Xmen VS SF) : Can be translated as "Father of a clip" or "Owner of a clip"
* Ashra (MK) : Ten
* Asra (Samurai Shodown) : If spelled like Japanese do "Asura" it becomes a special muslims day.
* Astaroth (Soul calibur) : S h * t driver :rotflmao: (Notice that I had to seperate the letters to get it written, else the automatic word changer gets it)
* Ayame (Power stone) : My days
* Ayane (DOA) : Infected me

I'll post more later ;)

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Samor, you forgot Cid Highwind.
Cid Highwind: Zit Hij windt - Sit, he farts :lol:
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