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Does somebody on this board use kali for online gaming

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some of my fragging friends installed this new version of kali 2.2a i think and we tried it and some of my friends really had a good ping around 40 to 100 and i get around a min. of 100 ping, all of my friends uses a 56k motorola modem and i use my 56k USR modem.btw we have the same sukzing isp,what do you think my modem is the culprit, iwant to change it but cant afford to get a new one now.Damn USR never updates their modem drivers.What is your experience with kali btw?we only played quake2 with kali and it seems all the player their are very fast do you think they are bots,does quake2 have bots?
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Originally posted by takwu
hmm, I thought Kali was that IPX interface. or maybe I recalled wrong. So you can play Quake 2 on it huh? Then it must be TCP/IP...

40 to 100 ping with a 56k?? UNREAL! if even possible.

anyways, I don't use Kali, heh, but I did play Quake 2:

yes, Quake 2 has bots. But remember, just because someone's good doesn't mean they're cheating. You gotta check carefully. I for one has been kicked automatically on one server all the time because I use some joystick configs, which practically no one else uses. They just think I'm a bot :D

And one last note, Iran, you should post this in the Off Topic - Software section, as this is an emulation board. I'd agree if some admin moves this there.
The last time I used Kali was a couple years ago...and they had JUST released a version that had SOME TCP/IP capability...still couldn't run Half-Life for some reason back then. Probably fixed by now. I don't use it anymore because all the games currently out have their own server-browsing capability and I don't need Kali's help to find them...AND I lost my key codes after a format and re-installation :(. Kali WAS awesome when I had it and could run games that weren't ever meant to be run on the internet...but not anymore (at least to me).
Originally posted by takwu

Well for the IPX games I used to use's ZoneLAN IPX. it was slower, but it was free (it still is). Descent (1, 2), Duke Nukem 3D, Warcraft 2... :cool:
I'd tried that, but got annoyed at the fact (at that time, at's probably changed) that you couldn't use new maps. You had to stick with the original or hope that your oponents downloaded the same maps earlier. Back then, tho, I was able to just go back to Kali with its download manager and play :). I was even able to get 120k worth of Warcraft 2 maps in under 1 second with my 28.8 modem! :) Too bad I can't handle compressed files like that :(
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