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Does somebody on this board use kali for online gaming

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some of my fragging friends installed this new version of kali 2.2a i think and we tried it and some of my friends really had a good ping around 40 to 100 and i get around a min. of 100 ping, all of my friends uses a 56k motorola modem and i use my 56k USR modem.btw we have the same sukzing isp,what do you think my modem is the culprit, iwant to change it but cant afford to get a new one now.Damn USR never updates their modem drivers.What is your experience with kali btw?we only played quake2 with kali and it seems all the player their are very fast do you think they are bots,does quake2 have bots?
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If you have not tried kali yet you can get the shareware version here but since its shareware it will disconnect every 15 minutes but you can always reconect this is the only limitation as you will be automaticaly disconnected while playing.

40 to 100 ping with a 56k?? UNREAL! if even possible.

Kali is fast and this is the first time i have used kaili at all and frankly we did not expect to get a good ping (40-100) after selecting your desired game all the servers will be displayed at the upper right and you must specifically select the best server to get the lowest ping (and the ping will be displayed at the lower right) and these is what we do, but these is not always possible cause sometimes the best servers have no players so we have to wait for a while for other players to join but a 40 to 100 ping is not impossible with 56k.

And lastly my error if i posted it here in the general forum, to the mods, can you plz. move my tread to the off topic.Thanks.
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