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does radeon read framebuffer under windows and of course epsxe?

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I'm not sure about framebuffer and radeon 32 sdr, i'm actually playing legend of dragon, i'm using pete opengl (last version) and i had to switch the framebuffer option to 0 (emulated vram) to see the dissolve effects and some special effects in the battles.

I'm wondering if that's just a problem of the plugin or is something about the card, 'couse soon i will have ff9 and chrono cross and do i have to use always emulated vram?

Does anyone have the radeon and get a fix for that?
Becouse the game in some parts gets a big slow down if i use the emulated vram (i have a duron 800mhz and 192mb ram)

Tnx in advance

edit: I did manage to make the radeon reads framebuffer under i guess that the card is able to do that...
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