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Does .hack//INFECTION work with PCSX2?

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I heard some rumors and read some threads saying that hack//infection doesn't work, is this true? Cause I want to play it bad.
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If you want to play it so badly then you would be testing it :p
As said above, you have to try it yourself.
Not sure about the older series, but I've found the first GU game to be playable so far[about 4 hours in].
Yeah, this game works; i've played it through already, going on to beat the parasite dragon ;)

i'm using beta 1474 (a.k.a. revision 1474), as the regular 0.9.6 did not work. And this game runs very well on my machine (2.4 Ghz athlon X2 4600+, nVidia 9500 GT, 2gb ram) using various speed hacks.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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