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Does ePSXe have problems w/ certain 2-D sprites? (Can't Run 'You Don't Know Jack')

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I'm using ePSXe 1.60 w/ Pete's OpenGL driver. Although I can run 3-D games fine, I can't play 'You Don't Jack' -- which, as you know, only consists of simple 2-D menus/text. I mean, it boots up and the first few screens work fine. But for the actual gameplay, I can't see any of the graphics -- just a black screen.

As I tried tweaking the video settings, I've got a save slot to the gameplay section (that way, I wouldn't have to go through the initial screens again). Here's what's driving me nuts: Whenever I reload that saved slot, you CAN see the screen -- but only for a split second. Then it goes back to blackness. So it's not like 'You Don't Know Jack' has a weird kink w/ ePSXe -- I probably have some sort setting turned on that prohibits me from seeing it longer than a split second. But I've clicked on and clicked off nearly every possible video setting with no results.

So does anybody have any pointers? Maybe you've played a similar game that's heavy with 2-D text, and you tweaked it to get it playing?

Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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Btw what Gfx card do u have. And make sure u got the latest drivers and Directx.

Try that special game fix i believe it was something like show black screens, or fix black screens for some game. Try using some of those special game fixes, and try different settings with Framebuffer access and Off-screen drawing. He He... i am just trying to remember stuff off the top of the head. So just play around with them settings..
Thanks for the reply. I have a NVIDIA TNT2 card.

Actually, I just figured out what the problem was -- For some reason, Pete's OpenGL plugin has problems with this game for my PC. I just switched to P.E.Op.S. Soft Driver 1.16 and it works like a charm.

BTW, 'You Don't Know Jack' is way too underrated. I don't know why not too many play it. :(
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