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Does epsxe 1.4 works in winxp or 2k?? i cant get any game to work exept run bios,HELP

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I cant get epsxe running in winxp or 2k I need help.

PIII 850
voodoo3 3500 using pete's D3D
nulls sound driver
using an iso image of ff9 and xenogears
256MB ram
sblive 5.1 platinum
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Could you take a screenshot of ePSXe's 'DOS' window and post here, maybe there is an error message in there that would help describe the problem you are having. Is your FF9 ISO a PAL one? The UK (and maybe Italy and Australia) PAL versions do not work on any emulator, NTSC works fine though. ePSXe works fine on Win2K and WinXP Beta 2.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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