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Does epsxe 1.4 works in winxp or 2k?? i cant get any game to work exept run bios,HELP

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I cant get epsxe running in winxp or 2k I need help.

PIII 850
voodoo3 3500 using pete's D3D
nulls sound driver
using an iso image of ff9 and xenogears
256MB ram
sblive 5.1 platinum
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How do I install an aspi layer?? The FF9 and xenogears are both NTSC, I dont know whats wrong, but the dos window from the epsxe displays normal stuff, I installed the RC1 beta drivers from 3dfx for win2k since those where the last to came out (damn those 3dfx guys) and also im having problems with every game that has to do something with glide, the screen goes all screwed off, nothing readable but windows still there, maybe its a bug in the drivers, i dont know, if someone has the same card and has the same problems, please tell me. Maybe Ill have to reinstall winxp, I dont know.

thanx guys =)

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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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