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Does chankast run CD's?

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Hello, im new to Chankast. I've been having problems with it. I've tried to run Sonic Adventure and Skies Of Arcadia off the disc (originals not copies)
All it does is gets passed the BIOS and into the screen with the 'play','music','VMU' and 'Settings' options. I go to play and it says insert a disc. So i read all this stuff about mounting but thats only for ISO's. I couldn't find ISO's on the original discs and copies of other games. This ticked me off. I read that topic about someone getting SOA. That didnt help either. Somebody help me please.

Thanks in advance.
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Chankast runs CDs. It does not run GD-Roms, which is what the DC uses. The way to do it is to rip the game from your console using the DC coders cable or the broad band adaptor.
Hopefully, Shadow64 has access to this equipment...I know, for sure, that I cannot and probably will not find any of that here.

I'd have to order overseas, but sending it here would be a big problem....

r2rX :(
Hmm, isn't there a tools utility to make it run GD-roms?
I think the problem is that PCs cant run GDs. Its like trying to use a dvd disk on a cd drive!
order yourself a broadband adaptor from here

if you cant afford it, buy the coders cable which is much cheaper, altho it takes about 24 hours to rip the GD-rom
Have you ever checked that place? Lik-Sank don't carry BB adapters since a long ago... those things are too rare. You can only get them at Ebay... with luck and plenty of money.
I know a Dutch website who still had some IIRC, don't know if they ship abroad. And besides, they ask €110,- for it oO
As I've said on another thread, they were produced in really limited quantities... Ebay auctions often end aroun 150 bucks... and the adapters are used, don't even dream of getting a new one.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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