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Hi, all friendly members and all friendly staffs. :D

I bought new Gundam Musou 2 about 4-5 days ago, and get so excite how performances I'll get with pcsx2.

Now, this is my only one problem I got. (seperate to two, but it's the same problem)
- When I try to play further such as in Official mode about stage 5, it always get the critical error like "encounter problem, need to terminate the program, we're sorry in your inconvenience" bla bla bla.
- Also when I try to play any further in "Mission mode" some of their stages cause the same problem as above.

Now, these are my questions :dead:
1. Does anyone try this game yet ?
2. (From 1.) If tried, did you encounter the same problem as mine ?
3. Any ideas about this problem ?

The posible solutions which I've tried
1. Change graphic plugin, even tried to change each plugin settings (I've tried all plugin I have, like gsdx, ZeroGS etc. everything I can find)
2. From above but sound's plugin as well
3. Change some CPU setting (turn on / turn off MTGS and other features in CPU Setting)


My specification
CPU : Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 @ 2.66 without overclock
Mainboard : P5B
Memory : 1GBx3 bus 667 without overclock
HDD : 3x320GB Western Digital, 1x250GB Seagate (For Operating system)
VGA : EN9600GT Top 512MB without overclock
DirectX : DirectX 9, Dec 08 (latest I think)
Operating System : Windows XP SP2 sKz Mar 07 Fix

My Pcsx2 (*Not complete yet)
Graphic Plugin : gsdx 0.1.13 (latest I can get)

Some of my performance
- The graphic glitch like not complete display on the character on the map.
- Low FPS in some screen, mostly when I run into where it has many enemies.
- Average FPS is 35-45

Hope someone would give me a useful advice, sir. :thumb:
Thank you very much for every coming advices

PS. I'll attach the screenshot very soon because now I'm at the work place.
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