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Does Anybody Use Flash?

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I'm a little surprised!!
Web Development and no Flash section? That's not right, especially since Macromedia boasts that over 70% of the web now use it.
Well anyway, if anyone is interested and/or there are any other people that have some idea on how to work with Flash, I wouldn't mind speaking with other people in the area. Especially the Actionscript!!
I may be able to help with code, (I have had over 3-4 years of practise though this is through self-learning, but I am quite capable).

I am currently using Flash 8, but I am more comfortable with Flash MX 2004, (cos the code seems to have been messed around a bit).

Any takers??:smash:
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My site's homepage is written entirely in flash.:) And no, this wasn't made from a template.:p
I haven't ever used a template before (don't see the point) anyway your site looks pretty good, though it takes a little while to load on dial-up.
Low Lines said:
I haven't ever used a template before (don't see the point) anyway your site looks pretty good, though it takes a little while to load on dial-up.
Yeah, sorry about that.:p I'm thinking of adding a non flash site for low bandwidth users, so it's not so long to load up. I know what you mean about templates, I don't like them either.;)
All I've got to say about that is, maybe you should just watch what files you have in your site, just by looking at it I'd say you would have at least jpgs sounds files (they tend take up a lot of bandwidth). But hey, it looks appealing to the eyes and ears, what more could you ask for?
how can I do My site in flash

For the past week I thought generalplots homepage was done in php, now I know it's done in flash.

How can I do my site in flash, with animated graphics? What do I need to make websites in flash, Is there a free program to do this, or am I forced to buy an probably uber expensive program, that I probably cannot get where I live at, at stores? Please let me know, thanks;)
The Official program (I suppose you could say) is called "Macromedia Flash." It's current version is 8 and be expected to pay $699 US or $299 to upgrade from an older version. Now I'm guessing you're jaw just dropped, I'm sorry.:(

Sigh...I think I now see why there is little talk about Flash in these forums...
Flash runs horrible on older computers. Although I don't use one mainly, there are times when I have to use one. And flash does not mix :p

I like html because it's simple, and free (if you use notepad) :p I'm actually making a website right now for an emulator being released soon (shhh, I said nothing ...) and it's done in html. Simpleyes, effective, yes, loads fast? Yes!

Though on one of my old squaresoft fansites (RIP) I did use flash for a menu bar and logo (it was spinning, oooh fancy) But it took too long for me to get the hang of it.
Yes you're right of course,
but with Flash (once you get the hang of it) has so many things you can do and it allows you to be more creative.
Hmm...I wonder which console...
Flash is pretty good, but aside from the hefty tag, it loads too slow. One of the cardinal rules of web design is keeping things simple, unless you're a glitz/design site...
If you use vector graphics, size is minute. And best of all, a vector image can be resized or enlarged without any loss of quality. If anyone likes HappyTreeFriends, the videos on their site is vector based. An average 1-2 minute animated short will be around 3-5 MB (they have thousands of frames) and you can expand those movies to fullscreen and watch smooth video.

I don't much like JPGs, GIFs and most other Web Media Files when it comes to Flash, firstly they have a fixed size and secondly that dub large amounts of Filesize. And I know you can't get nearly as much detail out of vector images, but here's evidence of Flash's capabilities. I do a lot of image traces, some of which I never use, but well anyway here it is:
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Now the flash ".swf" version of these files are,
LINK.swf (12 KB)
YOSHI.swf (5 KB)

Yet these ".png" files both are over 30 KB and they have fixed sizes. Does this give you an idea about what I am trying to say??
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